Birch veneer serving trays:

Are the Birch veneer serving trays food safe?:
Yes !

• Are the Birch veneer serving trays dishwasher safe ?:
Yes, up to 90°

• What is recommended cleaning of trays ?:
Use a damp cloth to swipe over the surface.

• Can the trays be soaked and left in the water?
No ! Leaving the trays soaked in water will irreversibly damage the trays.

• Can I cut on the trays?:
No ! Do not use sharp knives or metal to cut directly on the tray surface. That will irreversibly damage the tray.

• Can I serve food like cookies and cakes on the tray ?:
Yes, the trays are food safe.

• Can I serve hot food on the tray ?:
Anything under 50° C will probably be fine but above and 100° will damage the tray. Remember, while serving from the tray, do not use sharp knives or metal since it will damage the surface.

• Can I put hot stuff on the tray?:
Do not put (sizzling) hot stuff like hot pans from the oven etc. on the trays. It will melt and damage the surface.