Tailor Made Experience

Serving trays for restaurants, cafes, bars, party service, airlines, canteens, commercial kitchens, and special events.

Your design on trays, place mats and coasters for every occasion

We offer a wide range of handcrafted products made from the finest and high-quality birch veneer and eucalyptus wood, including practical serving trays, glass, pot, and plate coasters, as well as serving, breakfast, and cutting boards in various sizes.


You provide your own design, and we custom-make the product, tailor-made according to your specific wishes.

We bring your graphic designs and vision to life perfectly.

Unleash your creativity and create a product that precisely matches your vision and corporate identity.


Our serving trays are excellent for use in cafes, catering services, canteens, commercial kitchens, events, and at home

All trays are food-safe and can withstand temperatures up to 95°C in the dishwasher.

The rounded edges make them more resistant to impacts and pleasant to hold.

Due to their lightweight, they are easy for guests to handle and perfect for serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as catering events.

Upon request, the trays can also be provided with a food-safe anti-slip coating to prevent coffee cups and glasses from slipping. These trays are particularly popular among waiters in coffee houses and guests in self-service canteens.

In short, our serving trays withstand heavy usage and have a very long lifespan, just like all our products!

Furthermore, they are made from environmentally friendly birch veneer without the use of water or chemicals. Thus, they offer a sustainable and greener alternative for the future.

With our many years of experience and expertise in the production of serving trays, we know exactly what requirements our products must meet and what kind of stress they must endure.

Please get in touch today, and get a trade price for your tailor-made customised product...